Three Reasons to Choose an Assembly Job in 2023


With the start of the new year, you may be considering a new career and there are three reasons you should choose an assembly job in 2023. Not only is the pay excellent, but there are many other benefits that we will dive into in this week’s post.

Let’s explore what this job offers and why it might be the right career move for you.

     1. Great Pay and Benefits

As we mentioned, assembly jobs offer great pay. The starting range for an assembly job is generally between $16-19.50 an hour. In addition to this, full-time assembly jobs come with good benefits. They often include vision, dental, health, and life insurance, PTO for vacations and sick days, and 401 K programs. Assembly jobs are often done in a climate-controlled environment, making it easier during colder or very warm months. At Employ Partners, we work with many companies that have been in business for decades (some for 100 years). Assembly jobs are great for stability and longevity.

      2. Flexible Scheduling

Secondly, assembly jobs usually offer flexible scheduling. Whether you want something from 9-5 or prefer afternoon or evening hours, busy warehouses usually offer multiple shifts. If you have a family or other commitments and need to pick a schedule outside of the traditional work hours, assembly jobs can offer you more flexibility. Some companies allow you to work 4 10-12 hour shifts, which allows you to have multiple days off in a row.

     3. Varying Levels of Experience

Lastly, assembly jobs are available to a variety of skill levels. If you are new to the field, assembly jobs can be a great place to start. Some require little to no experience and allow you to gain experience quickly, adding to your resume. At times companies are willing to train new workers and even offer paths to career advancement. Furthermore, if you need something immediately, assembly jobs often allow you to start quickly, without a long waiting period or interview process. Working with a recruiter or staffing agency can shorten the time to hire.

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The top three reasons to choose an assembly position that we’ve listed are just the start of what assembly jobs can offer. If you are interested in an assembly job or any job within the light industrial field check out our job seeker series. This series breaks down what specific jobs entail, helping you choose which position is right for you. Our recruiters have built strong connections with premier companies to offer you the top positions that GA has to offer. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you break into the light industrial industry. Make the new year the start of something great by using our contact us page or calling our Kennesaw or Jasper offices today!  We look forward to serving you!

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