It’s common to feel a bit nervous before your first day on a new job. Often, you still have a lot of questions about the work environment and want to make the best impression possible. To help make your transition into a new position as seamless as possible, here are some tips to take with you on your first day.

Dress to Impress

Any new hire automatically stands out from the crowd. You will be meeting a lot of people for the first time, including many of your co-workers, managers and other employees of the company. How you dress and otherwise present yourself is going to make a strong first impression, so it is important to choose outfits that are appropriate for the workplace.

If you aren’t familiar with the attire the company prefers, it is perfectly appropriate to ask before your first day.1 Most hiring managers will gladly share information regarding dress code, including formal policies and informal norms, but it might not occur to them to share these details unless you ask. You can also consider how other employees were dressed on the day you came in for your interview if you had the ability to glance around.

When in doubt, err on the side of conservative and more professional attire until you get a feel for the culture. Choose classic pieces that are appropriate for the kind of work. For example, slacks, a button front shirt, and a blazer may work for a traditional office environment that doesn’t require a suit. That way, you will come off as professional and polished but aren’t as likely to be overdressed for the environment either.

Embrace Their Process

As you begin in a new job, it is important to respect any business processes or procedures that are in place. Often, it can be tempting to jump in with suggestions if you think there is a better way, but trying to change their methods too soon can make a poor first impression.

Instead of trying to interject with your preferences, keep an open mind and concentrate on understanding how things are done before trying to “improve” anything. While their methods might not be what you are used to, they could be ideal for the environment. And, unless you give them a fair shake, you might not see how it all fits together. Be sure to take good notes during training too!

Learn the Office Rituals

Every workplace has unwritten rules2 and rituals that silently govern certain activities. For example, when people take breaks or lunches might not be officially organized. However, there may be an understanding that someone is always manning a desk to handle incoming calls and that the entire team can’t take off together.

Similarly, while your manager might have an “open door policy,” the current employees may understand that there are exceptions to that stance. For example, your boss might not be open to interruptions when planning for a weekly budget meeting, when the door to their office is closed, or during the last 30 minutes of the workday.

Other activities commonly controlled by unwritten rules instead of official policy include coordinating the use of paid leave, whether it is acceptable to schedule a meeting that ends at 5 pm or late on Fridays, what “casual Friday” actually means, or even if you are expected to be available by email after hours.

Learning these office rituals often takes time and observation. However, learning the idiosyncrasies of your new workplace can make integrating into the team easier and can help you be more successful in the eyes of your manager.

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