When choosing a staffing agency, you want to select a company that isn’t going to provide a cookie-cutter approach that ignores the unique needs of your business. Skilled firms are capable of learning about your company, allowing them to create a personalized solution designed to help you succeed. If you ever wondered what makes their approach so effective, here are some insights into the process.

Personalized Approach

No two companies are the same, so their hiring solutions shouldn’t necessarily be identical either. A reputable staffing agency with deep roots in both the industry and community can take information about what makes your company one-of-a-kind and use it to develop a unique solution for your business. Experienced recruitment professionals with strong networks have the expertise and connections necessary to work creative solutions, helping you find the right talent in unexpected yet incredibly effective ways.

Technical Skills Combined with Cultural Fit

While you want to find candidates with the right technical skills, it is also important to make sure the new hire will integrate seamlessly into your company’s culture. Experienced staffing firms can help you assess your current culture, identifying the nuances that can affect an employee’s success. Then, they can use that information to assess applicants at the next level, considering whether they will fit into the environment as well as bring the right skills to the table.

Choosing a candidate that is a poor culture fit can increase turnover and may cost the organization 50 to 60 percent1 of that employee’s annual salary. That fact alone makes taking cultural fit into account a critical step, and a reputable staffing firm will do just that.

Soft Skills and Other Success Factors

Another key to a new hire’s success involves determining whether they possess the soft skills you need for them to meet the demands of the position. Often, soft skills are more challenging to assess as they aren’t as concrete as technical ones. And, when a new hire fails to work out, approximately 89 percent2 of those failures are due to a lack of soft skills.

In fact, nearly 44 percent3 of executives consider lacking soft skills is the largest skill gap in the U.S. workforce today. This makes it critical for those performing the screening duties to be able to ask the right questions and examine a candidate’s experience to see if they possess the right combination of hard and soft skills to perform well in the job.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Atlanta

Staffing professionals have the knowledge necessary to assess applicants at a deeper level, and know which probing questions can help reveal the information needed to truly evaluate a person’s soft skills. If you are interested in working with a highly skilled team of recruitment professionals, contact Employ Partners today to work with a top staffing agency in Atlanta.

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