When most job seekers think of finding new employment opportunities, turning to Facebook might not be on the top of their list. Generally, sites like LinkedIn, Indeed or various job boards are going to be first stops when landing a position is the goal. However, Facebook’s Jobs section can present a wealth of opportunities, especially in larger metro areas.

Facebook reports over 1.2 billion daily active users2, which is far above the activity level of professionals on LinkedIn who usually only log in on a weekly basis. With that in mind, companies are turning to the flagship social media platform to find new talent, hoping the larger numbers play in their favor. And, Facebook has integrated various features designed to make things easier on job seekers too. Here’s what you need to know and why the site is another great resource when you’re looking for an employment opportunity.

The Jobs Bookmark

The sidebar on Facebook has a lot of options. Within the Explore section is a bookmark for Jobs that is designed to present users with relevant postings with a simple click.

On the default view, you’ll see ads for nearby jobs based on the location set in your profile, allowing you to scan what is currently available in your area quickly. You can also narrow things down by industry or job type, giving you additional control.1

For those looking for a position in a new city, you can change the location of the search by entering the city’s name and your desired search radius. An additional search box can help you narrow things down even further, making it possible to look for specific job titles or companies in the area. You can even subscribe to the jobs section, allowing you to receive alerts when new positions are listed.

Ultimately, it provides similar functionality to many of the large job boards that are on the web today, so most job seekers should be able to get going fairly quickly.

Centralized Applications and Communications

When you apply to your first job through Facebook, you’re presented with an opportunity to build a profile that holds information about your past experience and education. This process is similar to other job-oriented sites, making it easy to submit your details when you find a job that interests you. The information is kept separate from your regular Facebook profile, so you don’t have to worry about revealing these details to everyone who sees your page just because you applied.

Once the application is submitted, the company can contact you directly through Facebook Messenger. Since most people are familiar with the platform and use it regularly, it’s easy to stay on top of incoming messages and respond quickly. In some cases, job seekers may favor this over traditional email contact, as its messages might not be overlooked as easily.

Ultimately, Facebook is an excellent tool for job seekers, especially if you use the platform regularly anyway. Since any company may choose to list a position on the site, and you can easily subscribe to alerts, tapping into this resource can be a smart move, particularly because it is so convenient.

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