One of the largest expenses companies must manage is associated with their workforce. Payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation and unemployment all add up quickly when you hire permanent workers. So, when you only need a few extra hands on deck for a short period, hiring more full-time staff members might not make much sense; that’s where temporary employees come in.

Temporary employees officially work for a staffing agency and are simply assigned to work for your business based on your specific needs. Not only does this provide you with a lot of flexibility, but it can also help you reduce costs significantly. Here’s how these workers can benefit your bottom line.

Benefits and Payroll Administration

When you bring on temporary workers, you aren’t responsible for the financial burden associated with benefits packages or payroll administration1. Things like medical and retirement don’t fall in your hands since the employees never officially become part of your staff and you don’t have to worry about maintaining full employee records on the individuals.

Instead, the staffing company handles the payroll obligations completely. All you have to do is approve the temporary workers hours during each pay period and your work is done.

Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation

Another benefit of temp employees is that you aren’t required to manage the costs associated with unemployment or worker’s compensation. Since the person is never officially a member of your staff, these requirements aren’t on your plate. The staffing agency that is supplying you with talent takes full responsibility for these costs, so you don’t have to worry about expenses in these areas.


Paying your staff overtime can add up quickly. Temporary employees allow you to avoid this expense by providing you with additional workers whenever the need arises. Instead of paying out at the overtime rate, you pay a regular hourly wage. And, you don’t have to worry about incidentally overworking the members of your team either. We all know that employees are often striving for that work/life balance. Why not let a qualified temporary employee work the extra hours?

Recruiting Expenses

When you hire through a staffing firm, you don’t have to worry about any recruiting costs. The agency will handle the locating and screening of all candidates, so you don’t have to spend a dime advertising the position or any time reading through seas of applications just to find the right candidates for a short-term position.

Fixed Overhead

Bringing on a new staff member means your fixed overhead goes up for the foreseeable future. You are committed to that employee as well as the expenses associated with a full-time employee. When you use a staffing firm to bring in additional temporary workers, your fixed overhead remains unchanged. Plus, you have the flexibility to control your supplemental workforce as you see fit, meaning you can hire more or reduce the number of employees whenever the need arises.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Atlanta

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