Temporary workers offer companies a variety of benefits. Often, they can contribute to reducing staffing costs, give businesses access to the right kind of talent on short-notice, and are open to short-term arrangements. But, many organizations don’t realize that these employees can also help reduce risk in a variety of areas. Here’s what you need to know.

Fewer Bad Hires

Whether you are looking to have someone fill a vacancy for a short time or are looking for a person who could potentially work out long-term, hiring a temporary employee provides you with a lot of opportunities to get the right person in the position.

First, these job seekers are thoroughly screened1 in advance to ensure they possess the right combination of skills and experience needed to do the job. Typically, they have had a background check and their references screened prior to any assignment being offered.

Second, you are never obligated to keep the worker on staff, so you can release them from the assignment whenever it is clear they aren’t the right fit. This gives you the highest level of flexibility imaginable as your initial commitment doesn’t have to be maintained long-term and ending the contract comes with limited consequences.

Avoid Overworking Employees

If your needs change seasonally, you may feel forced to put extra pressure on your staff to keep up the necessary pace. While this may work for incredibly short-term shifts, having your employees pull extra hours for weeks, months or more can lead them to burn out or even quit.

Temporary workers can be an ideal solution, as they can be brought in when the need arises and then released when the workload falls. This keeps your staff from being overburdened without sacrificing productivity.

Reduce the Need for Layoffs

Similarly, by bringing on temps for busy seasons and releasing them when the season is over, you can contribute to reducing the need to lay off your full-time employees.3 Temporary staff members understand their positions are short-term and that they will no longer work with your company when demand dies down, so they can be an ideal method for providing stability to those who are officially on your payroll by removing the threat of seasonal layoffs.

Shorter Vacancies

Sometimes, you need someone to fill a position quickly. Temporary employees are often ready to start work almost immediately, and they have already been screened by the staffing company. This means you can get someone into a critical job faster than through traditional hiring, allowing you to remain productive while you identify an ideal long-term solution.

Less Legal Exposure

When you hire a temporary employee, the majority of the risk lies with the staffing firm and not your business. The agency is responsible for items like unemployment and workers’ compensation2, so you don’t have to take on those risks when you bring on a temp worker.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Atlanta

Ultimately, hiring temporary employees can be a boon for your business, especially since the arrangement can lower risk, as discussed above. If you are interested in bringing on some temp workers, the professionals at Employ Partners can help. Contact a top staffing agency in Atlanta to see how our skilled candidates can benefit your business.

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