As of 2015, millennials became the largest part of the active workforce1 and are expected to represent 34 percent by the year 2024, based on a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics2. And with unemployment sitting at 4.7 percent3, companies can’t ignore Millennial workers when they need to fill positions.

However, making sure you hire the right millennial candidates is critical to your overall success. Otherwise, you may find yourself reaching back into the talent pool sooner than you planned. To help identify which applicants are right for your company, here are four tips to integrate into your screening process.

1. Interview for Team Fit

Most positions require employees to work as part of a team. This means you need to consider whether the candidate will fit in with those already working with the company.

When reviewing applicants for fit, it isn’t about choosing candidates with similar backgrounds or experiences as those already on the team. Often, it is about finding potential employees who possess similar values and compatible work styles. If everyone can agree on the team goals and collaborate effectively while working toward them, the new employee is going to provide more value than someone who doesn’t support the larger mission.

2. Consider Technical Expertise

For millennials, using many kinds of technology is second nature. Their skills in technical areas can bring a significant amount of value to a workplace, especially if other members of the team aren’t as familiar or comfortable with the latest technologies.

When screening applicants, discuss how they keep up with technology trends in their industry. You can also consider their comfort level and experience in regards to sharing this knowledge with others.

If they do possess cutting-edge skills and have the communication skills necessary to support colleagues who are looking to learn, you may have a very valuable candidate on your hands. Not only will they be able to work effectively, they will also be able to improve the productivity level of those working in their team.

3. Discuss Work/Life Balance

Each company’s culture is slightly different in regards to work/life balance opportunities. Some embrace ideas like the ability to work remotely, allowing alternate schedules, or providing other forms of flexibility. Others need employees to fit into specific molds based on the nature of the work and have stricter policies regarding when and how tasks are completed.

Discussing a candidate’s preferences or needs prior to making a job offer can be critical for finding the right millennial for the business. If an applicant has certain scheduling needs or style preferences that fall outside of what the company is prepared to offer, it is possible they aren’t the best person for the job. By covering this information in advance, you can make sure everyone is on the same page before an official offer has been made.

4. Review Career Goals

Another part of your company’s culture involves how opportunities for professional growth and advancement are managed within the organization. Some employees prefer to be empowered at work and enjoy having a level of autonomy when completing their duties. Others prefer more guidance, instruction or oversight. Selecting a candidate who favors the work style offered by your company can make sure they are the right fit for the business.

Additionally, many top performers look for chances to learn new skills, experiment with upcoming technologies and strive to advance in the workplace. Companies that provide these opportunities will get more value from employees who seek these arrangements. However, not meeting their expectations in this arena can actually cause their productivity to suffer. By understanding what the candidate desires from their employer, you can determine if a millennial is the right choice for you.

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