If you’re looking to make a career change, but aren’t sure what industry or field is right for you, you might want to consider working temp-to-hire. 

Here are the benefits of temp-to-hire work:

Trying Places Out

Temp-to-hire work allows you the flexibility of trying an employer on for size without the commitment of going permanent. 

As a temporary employee working with a recruiting agency, you can choose your assignments based on your interests and needs. When you work with a recruiter like Employ Partners, you’ll have someone who can assess your experience and your desired career trajectory and give you insightful feedback on opportunities that might be right for you.

Here are a few elements you can review when evaluating whether you want to be hired permanently by an employer:

  • Work-Life Balance: How much does the place demand of you? What’s the commute like? Is it a healthy environment?
  • Flexibility: Do they offer telecommuting as an option, even part of the time? If you have to leave early on Wednesdays for your improv show are they okay with that?
  • Atmosphere: Do you enjoy working here and would you hangout with these people outside of your work?
  • Turnover rate: How many people have left, willingly or not, since you’ve worked there?

Temp Work is in Demand

Many businesses are adopting a hiring model where they take on temp-to-hire or contact-to-hire employees. This has many benefits for them, but there aren’t enough job seekers to fill the demand. If you decide this path is right for you, you’ll have the pick of the litter.

Companies also go through seasonal surges, and sometimes these positions lead to permanent employment. Even if they don’t, it’s an excellent way to gauge whether or not you like a particular industry.

Gain Experience

What’s better than sitting around, waiting for the perfect job to open up? Jumping into work and learning new skills—that’s what. One of the top benefits of going the temp-to-hire route is that you can tell your recruiter you’re looking to learn a certain skill and they can point you toward positions that fulfill that desire.

Learning new skills and gaining experience will make you a more well-rounded, attractive client when the perfect job does open up for you. Also, you never know what you’ll truly be good at until you try it. You could stumble into something you were literally made for through temp work.


Temp-to-hire is a hiring model that is quickly gaining popularity with both employers and employees. Getting into temp work can allow you try out different industries and find work that you really enjoy.

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