Recently Used Delta-8? It May Be Hard to Land a New Job Employ Partners


We have many warehouse employees failing drug tests due to using Delta-8. Here’s what you should know.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive compound derived from THC and is legal in the state of Georgia. But just because a drug is legal doesn’t mean that employers can’t discriminate against its usage. 

Alcohol is also legal, but banned by company policy for obvious reasons. The tricky part is employers can test to see if someone is drunk on the job, but since THC stays in your system longer, they have no way of telling if you were high on the job or not. So most companies will err on the safe side.

Plus, it’s proven that long-term THC use can still affect your cognitive skills even when you’re no longer high. It’s a safety hazard that companies have the right to ban.

Potential Risks

Besides the regular side effects associated with THC, such as red eyes, memory loss, and anxiety, Delta-8 could also carry additional side effects. Delta-8 is created synthetically, which means you don’t really know what’s in it. The simple fact is that Delta-8 is not FDA-approved, and the FDA believes there is a growing concern about the impairment it causes beyond regular marijuana. This is obviously more of a concern in positions that require a high degree of safety, such as in warehouse environments.

Biggest Takeaway

While Delta-8 is legal, that does not mean it is illegal for a company to ban it. Due to being unregulated, you can’t really know what is in a Delta-8 product and the FDA has received a growing number of complaints since its introduction to the market. 

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