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With millions of job openings on the market, there’s never been more opportunity in America’s employment landscape. It’s a job seekers’ market right now which is great for you, but can also feel daunting. That’s why you should team up with a recruiter to maximize your results. Here’s how a staffing agency recruiter can help:

Expanded Network

When you join a recruiting firm like Employ Partners you increase your own network many times over. Employ Partners has a long-established history with many major companies in Pickens, Cherokee, Cobb, and Metro Atlanta areas and knows the market well.

It’s a recruiters job to make long-lasting relationships with every business and hiring manager they can in their market. So when you work with one, you’re effectively increasing your reach.

Inside Info

A recruiter makes their living connecting qualified candidates with the right client. It does them no good to just place anyone anywhere to get the job done—either the employee will leave or they’ll get fired if it’s not a good match, which will reflect poorly on them.

So not only do they have more connections in your field, they also know the culture of each company and where you’ll fit best.

Ongoing Partner

That means that you have to establish an ongoing working relationship with your recruiter and actually let them get to know you so they can get you into the place you want to be.

The relationship isn’t over after they place you, either. Ideally you land somewhere that works out for you in the long run, but sometimes you just never know. The place could be a good fit, but many factors could change over the course of your employment. It may not even be the company’s fault. For example, because of personal reasons you may have to telecommute and if your current employer won’t offer that as an option, you may have to move on.

That’s why staying in touch with your recruiter is important. Treating them not as a means to an end, but as an actual business relationship is key to your long-term career. They may even present you with an opportunity you’ve been waiting for—something far better than your current position that just wasn’t available at the time you needed work.

Partner with Employ

These are just a few of the reasons working with a recruiter is a straightforward decision. Reach out to the Employ Partners team today to land your dream job!

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