According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are currently 11.3 Million job openings across the board. Job seekers are flush with opportunity like never before. Here are a few reasons:

The Great American Walkout

Along with Covid-19 came another pandemic: workers leaving their jobs in record numbers. Whether is was for Covid-related reasons, such as industries shutting down or leaving because of safety concerns, or because they saw the opportunity to leave a job they were miserable at, job seekers created a monumental shift in the American workforce.

For most of working history, the employer has been in charge. A fed up population has finally made their move and smart companies are adapting their strategies to lure in these free agents.

Employers have offered better pay and benefits, more flexible working conditions like telecommuting, and rethinking their corporate culture to invest in and nurture their employees instead of treating them like cattle.

This, in turn, has made even more people leave their jobs for greener pastures. There are still plenty of companies out there clinging to their old ways.

Baby Boomers Retiring Early

Another reason for job seekers’ success in 2022 is that millions of Baby Boomers retired early during the pandemic, leaving many positions open. This is because of the pandemic forcing a lot of workers in their 50s and 60s home, either because of layoffs or to avoid getting infected.

Ageism has made it hard for most of these people to find new jobs, despite the boom. These frustrating circumstances lead them to retire early.

A Job Seeker’s Market

These factors and more have created a market that favors the industrious job seeker looking for better opportunity. Candidates are holding out for the job they want rather than taking the first best thing that comes their way. This new emboldened workforce has changed the employment landscape and are reaping the benefits of it. 

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