Whether you work for an abusive employer or you’ve received a better job offer elsewhere, it may be tempting to abandon your current employer without telling them. But ghosting businesses can hurt you in the long run.

Here’s How Ghosting Can Hurt You In the Long Run:

A Hole in Your Resume

Leaving a place of employment with no notice will obviously not sit well with your former employer. You may decide to leave that place of business off your resume, but then you’ll have a gap in your work experience that you’ll have to explain.

And if you lie about that gap, an employer may find out. Even if you scrubbed any trace of working there from LinkedIn and your other social media accounts, hiring managers and corporate recruiters often network. A hiring manager will spread the word about you ghosting them and if word reaches your new job, you could be in for an embarrassing conversation and out of a job.

You’ll Lose a Reference

If you’ve put in time there and done a commendable job, ghosting that employer could throw away a perfectly good reference for your future job prospects.

If you’re intent to move on, following standard procedure and submitting your two weeks is a good start toward an amicable split. Of course, there’s nothing saying you have to tell them why you’re leaving.

A place that’s made you think about ghosting them is probably a toxic work environment, and being honest with them on your exit could make an enemy just as much as ghosting them. Be diplomatic and put the focus of your exit on outside circumstances.

It Affects Others

Ghosting can have detrimental consequences on the now understaffed workforce you left behind. Not giving your employer enough of a head’s up to find a replacement for you can have a ripple effect throughout the office that you might have considered.

If a recruiter placed you in that job, your actions will also reflect poorly on them. Damaging others’ reputations is a bad move all-around. Especially if you’ll need the services of a recruiter again in the future.

Take a Breath

Before you make a rash decision that could affect your future job prospects, take a breath. If you’re not happy where you’re at, that’s understandable. You have the power to change your circumstances the right way and with the help of a staffing firm like Employ Partners, you can leave a bad situation behind for a much better opportunity.

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