Most people remember the discomfort and anxiety they felt during their first day at their current or last job. Often, it’s a somewhat overwhelming experience with so much to learn in a seemingly limited amount of time.

The traditional onboarding process is designed to mitigate these feelings by providing new hires with clear direction to help them acclimate to the environment. But, if you’re waiting until their first day to get things started, you’re already late to the game. Instead, by having a strong preboarding experience, you are helping new workers start with more solid footing, helping to lower turnover and prepare them for success. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Preboarding?

The preboarding process takes advantage of the time between when a candidate accepts a position and their first day on the job1. It is a great time to share certain information about the workplace, such as standard policies and procedures, as well as manage certain requirements, like paperwork. This helps them learn valuable information in advance while simultaneously expediting the onboarding process once they formally begin working for your company.

How Preboarding Benefits Companies

Most new employees are anxious, yet excited to start working in the position for which they were hired. However, that feeling is quickly lost when you’re faced with a mountain of paperwork like NDAs, tax forms, benefits packages and other standard forms. Plus, this means they are spending time on the clock doing tedious tasks instead of being productive in a business sense.

Preboarding allows numerous administrative activities to be completed in advance. This allows the incoming employee to complete them on their own time, getting them out of the way before their first day, and helps your HR team get everything in order before the new hire sets foot in the building.

This also helps managers provide a better experience to their newest team member. It decreases the amount of time required before a worker becomes productive and subsequently increases their level of productivity. Recent research states it also improves new hire retention rates by around 82 percent, ensuring you aren’t stuck looking for another candidate in the near future.

How Preboarding Benefits New Hires

Often, a thorough preboarding process helps incoming employees feel more comfortable on their first day as it eliminates some of the uncertainty regarding what to expect. By providing new hires with information about important policies, such as dress codes and schedules, as well as a list of FAQs, including things like where restrooms are located and if coffee is available on-site, gives them a solid base from which to begin. Include a point of contact for initial questions and you can increase the person’s confidence significantly, helping them start off in their position on the right foot.

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