When your company is short on qualified workers, it’s important you quickly fill open positions and remain productive. Your company has the option to work with a national brand in the staffing industry or with a local staffing agency that keeps everything right in your local community. Creating a relationship with a locally owned staffing firm could be the best long-term solution for staffing needs at your company.

Individual Attention for a Long-Term Relationship

When working with a locally owned staffing company, you often benefit from the expertise of working with the upper management or even the owner of the staffing agency. Owners are always going to have a vested interest in the success of your company. The staffing agency wants to provide the employees that will help your business grow since your success as a small business will lead to their success as a local staffing agency.

By working with employees of a locally owned firm, you can expect that they will follow up on all your job orders and ask for regular feedback so they may better serve you. With the owner often being available and accessible, your personalized service is going to be infinitely better because the staffing agency’s owner truly cares about the success of their business. On top of that, that individualized response will be extremely quick because the small business owner knows they need to hustle to set themselves apart from the pricing advantage of a national or global agency. Their focus is centered around quality and service which yields longer and deeper business relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Increased Customization

A locally owned staffing agency naturally provides more flexibility in finding a customized solution for the employment needs of your company. With a national brand, they may have more productized solutions or only offer a couple of options. With the local staffing agency, they aren’t looking for the “Band-Aid” fix. They want to develop a long-term relationship with your company since the staffing agency isn’t going anywhere. They are keeping your investment with them right in the local community, unlike a national or global staffing agency that may not even be based in the United States.  Surely you want to keep your business local or at least in the USA.

When you’re working directly with a small business run by an owner, you will see and feel the difference. They will personally want to ensure you are satisfied with their service. A custom solution for your staffing needs is one of those areas where the local staffing agency can really set itself apart.

Less Turnover

By teaming up with a locally owned staffing firm, you will typically be working with the same recruiters at that company for an extended period of time. Whether it’s the owner or a Staffing Representing reporting to the owner, you won’t typically have to repeatedly explain the culture of your business every six months to the new recruiter you are working with from a national staffing agency. When there is turnover internally, there is often a smoother transition and better communication regarding the needs and culture of your company and its requirements. Both sides (your business and the local staffing agency) save time and become more efficient in providing employees when you need them. Making the choice of developing a five-year relationship with one recruiter or one-year relationships with five recruiters sounds like an easy choice for the solutions provided to your company.

When you’re in the market for staffing and recruiting help, partner with a locally owned staffing agency to ensure your needs are being met. For more information, get in touch with the experts at Employ Partners today!


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