As competition for top talent continues increasing, it’s important you know what to offer candidates so they want to work for your company. (Here’s a hint: one thing you can offer doesn’t cost you anything – it’s a quick and robust hiring process.) Here are three benefits you’ll want to include in job offers so you bring aboard the best workers.

Flexible Schedule

It’s important you offer a flexible schedule and/or the option of working remotely. Talent Attraction Study: What Matters to the Modern Candidate, a 2015 survey from Indeed, found that 50 percent of more than 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed took a job because it offered flexible hours. Since employees are steadily changing their mindset from “living to work” to “working to live,” they want more control over fulfilling their personal responsibilities and professional obligations. Also, as an added benefit to your company, allowing your employees to work remotely means having access to a much wider talent pool. Odds are you won’t find exactly what you need in one area, and your top candidate may not be willing to relocate. Offering remote work is the perfect solution.

Excellent Benefits

You’ll need to offer competitive pay, benefits and other perks to attract quality candidates. According to the Indeed study, 76 percent of employed candidates said pay would be their most important factor in deciding to accept a position. Also, 28 percent of workers actively looking for or open to a new job expected to be offered at least 15 percent more money than they were currently earning before they accepted a position. In addition, benefits such as health and disability insurance, a retirement plan and paid vacations, holidays and sick leave are typically included in job offers. By providing competitive pay and benefits, you acknowledge the value your staff bring to your organization. As a result, your workers are happier, more productive and invested in reaching company goals.

Make a Creative Offer Quickly

Because the hiring process is expensive and time-consuming, and your top candidates are most likely being interviewed by other companies as well, you’ll want to extend a creative job offer as quickly as possible. Top candidates don’t have time for five, six or seven interviews (unless you are a Fortune 500 company).  They will appreciate a quick process where you keep them engaged. A long process that drags on will hurt your company and lead to the best candidates finding jobs elsewhere. Then your hiring process becomes even longer!

Start by building on what you learned about each candidate during the interview process. Point out how the position fits their career goals. For example, the candidate may seek a new title, leadership role, promotion or opportunities for growth. Remind your candidate why they applied to work for you in the first place. Perhaps it was your excellent reputation, attractive corporate culture or how valued your staff members feel. Introduce your candidate to some of the top-notch managers and colleagues they’d be working with. Show how those employees have grown professionally with your organization. Then make an attractive job offer that’ll most likely be accepted.

Follow these guidelines when determining which benefits you should offer job candidates. For additional help securing top talent, reach out to the staffing experts at Employ Partners today!

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