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Project management is a growing and lucrative field. If you are highly organized, great at communication, and able to multi-task, this could be a job you want to consider.

Let’s look at a few reasons why becoming a project manager might be the right move for you.

What is a Project Manager Responsible For?

A project manager is responsible for implementing goals by keeping teams, projects, and scheduling on track. They oversee the implementation process, deciding when deliverables are due. Additionally, they are communication experts. Project Managers act as a liaison between those in leadership and the team, fielding questions and problem-solving. Furthermore, project managers work on the logistical side of delivery, including looking over contracts, budgeting costs, and reporting on revenue. Risk assessment is also part of the job by helping the company and the team avoids pitfalls. When work is completed, project managers ensure that it meets the company’s standards.

Why Is Project Management a Growing Field?

As technology increases, the need to have teams has increased. For example, IT companies now usually have a marketing team, software development, research team, user experience team, etc. With multiple departments, the need for someone to manage how each’s team deliverables impact larger goals has greatly risen. Other companies that are less technologically focused (like a construction company that builds developments) still need someone to manage multiple projects. As offices move toward remote or hybrid roles, this also increases the likelihood that leadership will want to delegate oversight and communication to managers who are more readily available and able to monitor progress.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Project Manager

Learning the skills it takes to succeed as a project manager (like managing, budgeting, organization, etc.) will aid in making you marketable in multiple fields. Even part-time or temporary experience in these areas will look great on your resume. In addition, the online world has created remote positions and hybrid office positions, allowing you more flexibility. Being part of a field that is growing also increases job stability and dexterity if you need to make a change at some point.

Where Should I Start?

If you are currently employed, take a time to learn about different positions. Knowing what is required of other employees and how to do their job will make you a more empathetic and understanding manager. If there is an upcoming project, volunteer to head it up. Great project managers are made through experience. Without a doubt, it takes time to develop competencies in real-world situations. Look for managers and companies who are interested in your growth. Consider pursuing online certifications (like LinkedIn career certificates) to add to your resume.

Want More Information?

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