Struggling to Find Workers in 2022? Here Are a Few Tips


The pandemic affected the labor market in a big way, and the hiring process is still undergoing a lot of change in the wake. This is one of the many reasons for the ongoing struggle of companies seeking workers.

Here are a few tips to overcome these challenges.

Offer Work-From-Home Opportunities

Many workers are still hesitant to return to the workforce for fear of catching Covid-19. Allowing workers to telecommute is one way to ease these fears. Different shifts so that there aren’t as many people in the office at one time is something you could do if telecommuting isn’t an option. 

If neither of these are possible, making sure you take COVID-19 safety precautions seriously and leading with that in job descriptions could help. 

Pay Market Rate or Higher

It may be worth it to make sure you’re at least paying the market rate for the positions you have open, or higher. Employers who pay what workers are worth are having plenty of success right now. Consider raising your wages to give yourself a competitive edge.

Offering great benefits is another way to overcome a lower salary. We often encourage job seekers to take in the complete picture of everything being offered beyond just the salary. Benefits are a huge draw, as well as flexibility in scheduling, and overall great company culture that makes people want to come to work.

Recruitment Help

The hiring process feels like a full-time job on its own. Sifting through resumes, conducting rounds of interviews, and onboarding new workers can feel like a lot of work for a roll of the dice. 

Consider working with a staffing agency like Employ Partners. We’ll take on the bulk of these duties so you can be free to do your actual job. And if you consider offering contract-to-hire roles, you’ll be relieving yourself of even more responsibility. It’s a win-win situation in which both you and the contractor get to find out if you’ll be a good fit for each other. Employ will even handle payroll while the employee is a contractor.

Contact Employ Partners Today

Being flexible with work schedules and increasing wages are both great ways to bring in more quality candidates. Partnering with Employ Partners to streamline your hiring process is probably the best way to avoid a lot of headaches while finding the perfect hire. Contact us today to find out more!

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