Manufacturing has remained strong throughout COVID, and the demand for light industrial jobs has never been higher.

To make sure you stand out from the competition, follow these three tips to fine-tune your resume:

1. Highlight Your Soft Skills

Light industrial requires soft skills, such as attention to detail, organization, flexibility, and a strong work ethic. Highlight how you’ve shown these traits in previous roles.

People tend to list only their normal duties in summarizing their experience, but focusing on big achievements gives you an opportunity to mention soft skills. For example, if you were ever in a leadership role, whether or not official, point that out.

A hiring manager often scans a resume looking for keywords, so make sure you include the word. Instead of writing “I’ve trained in adjacent roles to cover for workers when they were gone,” write “I’ve showed flexibility by training to cover adjacent roles when needed.”

2. Make It Easy to Read

Speaking of keywords, software often scans resumes for relevant keywords before they even get to a hiring manager. To ensure your resume makes it past the robots, study the job description of the role you’re applying for and make a note of keywords like forklift driver, assembly, machinist, etc. Then include those keywords in your resume.

Focusing on target words also makes your resume easier to scan by a hiring manager. They read a lot of resumes and don’t have time to read a wall of text. Organize the sections of your resume from most to least relevant and don’t be too wordy in your descriptions. Look at sample light industrial resumes online to see how a good resume looks.

  • Use bullet points to break up the monotony of paragraphs.
  • List certificates and licenses you’ve earned.
  • And try to keep your resume to one page.

3. List Safety Certifications

Safety is obviously very important in light industrial workspaces and showing that you’re already trained in that area is attractive to hiring managers. Even if this is your first light industrial job, you can take an online safety course to earn a certificate that will show initiative—another soft skill for you to highlight.

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