In today’s labor market, the odds are in the job seeker’s favor. As companies continue to struggle to fill positions, they’re realizing they need to offer better pay and work conditions. Still, finding the right employer can be tricky, so working with a recruiter who knows the lay of the land can serve your career well.

If you’re in North Georgia or Metro Atlanta, Employ Partners is the perfect guide for you.

We Know the Local Market

With decades of experience, we know our market better than anyone and we have the partnerships to show for it. From Jasper down to Metro Atlanta, employers across North Georgia trust us to find the right candidate.

But it’s also our duty to find the right employer for you. If your skills are in clerical, accounting, human resources, or warehouse and manufacturing, partnering with us could be one of the best moves you make.

We’re with You for the Long Haul

Our recruiters won’t just help you find your next job, they’re here to guide you throughout your entire career. Our long-lasting business partnerships would be nothing without a long-term commitment to skilled workers.

We provide opportunities in contract work and temp-to-hire positions, so you can build experience while finding an opportunity that fits you best. Beyond that, sometimes a place doesn’t have the upward growth you need or you have to move farther than you’d like to commute. Employ Partners will be here to help you find your next job and the one after that.

Career Guidance

When we say we’re experts in the local job market, that also means we’re experts in the practice areas in which we recruit. Whether you’re an HR generalist or a welder, an accountant or a forklift operator, we know what a successful career arc looks like.

Setting goals and continuously upskilling is crucial to growing within your career. We can help you figure out your path based on your goals and point you in the right direction, so you’re not bouncing around from place-to-place or stagnating in your current environment.

We also have insight into the work culture of each company and will make sure that not only your skills, but you as a person are a great fit wherever we place you.

Partner With Us Today

Employ Partners can do more than find you a job—we’ll help you improve your resume and your interviewing skills, set goals and learn the best ways to upskill toward them, and we’ll keep working with you, job after job.

Start your job search with us today!


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