Looking for employment can be an overwhelming task. From sifting through job boards to tailoring your resume and cover letter for each position, it’s practically a full-time job.

To ease your burden, consider working with a staffing agency. Agency recruiters specialize in certain industries within your local job market and businesses hire them to find ideal candidates. If your skills and experience are in demand, then a recruiting firm will be eager to add you to their roster.

Here are a few ways a recruiter can make your job search easier.

Recruiters Will Expand Your Network

A staffing agency like Employ Partners builds their business on long-lasting relationships with employers. It’s a good bet they’ve been around longer than you’ve been in your career, so their network will be wider than yours.

That means they know who’s hiring before the job boards do. Some positions may not even make it onto websites like Indeed. If an employer needs someone fast, they’ll go directly through a recruiting agency they trust to fill the job with minimal hassle. In fact, many companies only use third-party staffing firms.

Recruiters Make You Look Good

It’s a recruiter’s job to find the perfect fit for employers, but if your skills and experience align, they will work just as hard to connect you with the right company.

They can help you improve your resume, mentor you on interviewing techniques, and whatever else will give you an edge. Because making you look good makes them look good.

Recruiters Save You Time

Job hunting is time-consuming, especially if you’re currently employed. A recruiter will save you all that time spent searching and sending out applications. This will help you focus your energy on interviewing and making any improvements to your employability that a recruiter suggests.

Recruiters Negotiate For You

Negotiating is a skill not everyone has the opportunity to practice regularly. But a recruiter gets daily practice, so it behooves you to take advantage of this.

Pay rates are expected to increase for in-demand occupations throughout 2022. Right now, the job market favors candidates and current hiring trends reflect that. Your recruiter will use that information in your favor because they understand if companies want ideal candidates, they need them to offer an ideal salary.

Partner with Employ

Employ Partners is a woman-owned staffing agency ‌in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Our team has over 60 years of experience recruiting in this community and making sure you’re successful is how we stay on top.

Talk to a recruiter today to find out more or start your job search right now!

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