What should you be wearing at your workplace? While most organizations will have their own rules, there are some general wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts that will help ensure you’re looking the right part!

Don’t dress like you’re going to a party.

Short skirts, low-cut tops, tight-fitting bottoms, leather anything, and see-through clothes send a statement – but it’s not the kind of statement that you’d want to send your boss or your customers! While it may be old-fashioned to dress conservatively for the office, the fact of the matter is that you want people to notice your work ethics, your professionalism, and your skills; you don’t want to distract your employer from your work-assets.

Don’t ignore your shoes.

Whether you put too much focus on your footwear or you couldn’t care less, your shoes really do make a statement about you! Old, scuffed, worn shoes can ruin your overall look and leave the impression that you don’t care. Conversely, teetering about on stilettos or wearing excessively flashy shoes can leave folks thinking you are preoccupied with your appearance. Form and function are truly important here, so if you’ll be on your feet a good deal be sure to wear something comfortable.

Wacky is tacky.

Mismatched clothes can be fun – but there’s a time and place, and work is not the place! In general, you want to look like you put some thought into your outfit. Shorts and a blazer, leggings under a dress, or extreme prints are fashion faux pas worth avoiding.

Care about the small stuff.

Are you covered in pet hair? Cuffs and collars wrinkled? Dirty, unkempt fingernails (or extreme fake nails)? People will certainly notice. Take an extra minute to use a lint roller or brush to remove some of your furry friends’ hair. A little water and hair straightener can crisp those wrinkled collars in no-time! A manicure is worthwhile for men and women, but excessively long, decorative nails are a no-go.

Be modest & courteous.

We already covered not dressing like you’re going to a party, but modesty and courtesy are important in the office. Your makeup, perfume/cologne, hairstyle, jewelry, and tattoos are all make a statement about you, and too much of a good thing can be bad. Keep your hair well-groomed, cover the tattoos (again, save that for the party scene), find jewelry that doesn’t jingle at the slightest move, and use just the right amount of makeup and perfume/cologne without going overboard.

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