Unemployment is extremely low and we’re in an employee’s market. The latest statistic out of the Department of Labor in April says the Atlanta Metro area is just 4.0%. Cobb County is as low as 3.7%. This means it’s harder than ever to find good talent.

What are some of the things that companies are doing to find quality candidates in this market where there’s not only a deficit in skills but also in number of employees available? Well, there is no easy answer. However, let’s look at some of the initiatives companies are using to combat this talent shortage.

Referral Programs – Most hiring managers know that good employees tend to socialize and associate with like-minded people, whether in the same profession or perhaps just a like-minded work ethic. Either way, you want to increase your exposure to both. Referral programs are very successful in some companies and provide an added benefit to your employees. This is the most cost-effective way to find talent but can only take your company so far.

Social Media. There are some companies that have immersed themselves in social media and are doing such things as Google Ads, Google Jobs, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram and more to create awareness about open job opportunities.  How social media savvy is your company? And how do you attract those non-techy candidates who could still be a perfect fit for that opening you have?

Company Perks – Flexible hours, working from home, on-site fitness centers and fully stocked breakrooms—these are just some of the things companies are offering to attract candidates. Unfortunately, not all of us can look or act like Google or Zappos due to budget constraints.

Speed in Decisions – This is likely the single most important aspect of being able to secure talent. Make decisions QUICKLY. We see companies lose top talent almost daily due to their lengthy process or desire to simply “see more candidates for comparison” even after interviewing a top-notch candidate. The fact is this: The best candidates easily have multiple offers when job seeking. This means you must move fast to get them onboard. Take too long and they’re gone. They want employers who are decisive and know when they see the right person in front of them. This is important BUT…you still need to find the talent to move quickly with your decisions.

Staffing and Recruiting Firms – Staffing companies are quite busy these days. They’re even working with companies who’ve never partnered with an employment agency before but why?  Well, it’s because staffing companies have the ability to attract an inordinate number of job seekers due to the volume and variety of positions they can staff. Staffing professionals interview every day, all day. They have databases with thousands and thousands of pre-screened candidates. It’s a matter of selecting the right staffing company that knows how to work that database to YOUR advantage and can communicate effectively about expectations.

When forging a true partnership with a staffing firm, you understand that they work for FREE until you hire from them. This means that you will get the most return on this partnership by being responsive to their communications, agreeing to pay proper market value prices and moving candidates swiftly through the hiring process.  If you’re not doing these things, it could impact the priority with which your staffing firm handles your open requisitions.

Employ Partners and Employ NOW are specialized staffing companies who understand the current job market and will help you navigate the waters to get the right people in place. We believe in being transparent with clients about their orders, the status and the priority with which we work on them. If we don’t think we can find the right candidates within your timeframe, we’ll tell you. We have strong referral partners. We don’t want to waste your time any more than we want to waste our own. Work with a company that will educate you on the market and guide you to an acceptance of an offer from your ideal candidate. We are locally owned and operated and customize our solutions to meet your company’s needs, not the masses. Call us today.

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