A lot of companies rely on staffing vendors for their hiring needs. Often, the partnership allows for a more efficient approach to recruitment that is not only more efficient, but also less costly than using internal resources when you need to fill vacancies.

However, just because you are working with a provider today doesn’t mean you have the ideal solution for your business. Just as you reevaluate other service providers, it’s wise to review your current staffing vendor to ensure they are actually the right one for your needs. Here are a few scenarios where finding a new partner is a smart move.

You’re Unhappy With Your Current Vendor

This can happen when they aren’t finding you the talent you need, or the recruitment process is unnecessarily slow. Sometimes, you aren’t sure you are getting the right amount of value based on the company’s cost, find you aren’t getting your preferred amount of communication about their progress filling vacancies, or become concerned their process, if overly cumbersome, is preventing you from accessing top talent.

Regardless of the reason, no business should stick with a staffing vendor if they aren’t satisfied with the relationship. Ultimately, the provider is playing a large role in your business, so it is better to seek out other options if your current relationship isn’t meeting your needs.

To Access New Talent

Not every staffing vendor has access to the same talent pool. Each of them operates off of their own database and are in contact with different potential candidates. Additionally, some are more ingrained in particular markets and cities than others, creating a varying amount of access to your target areas, and one staffing vendor may have a great reach, operating in multiple cities or even states, than those who focus on a specific locale.

If you find your current partner isn’t able to access your ideal talent pool1, it can be wise to assess their capabilities and determine if another vendor has a stronger connection to your target candidates or locations. If so, making a switch can be a wise business move.

You’re Impressed by Another Company

At times, you may be interested in partnering with another staffing vendor simply because you learned something new about their company2. Maybe they have a stellar track record, and you’re intrigued by their capabilities, have specific industry experience you find valuable, or you receive a referral from another company or professional you respect.

When you come across this information, you may be inclined to explore what this other staffing vendor could do in terms of assisting with your needs, and that can be worth exploring, especially if your current provider isn’t meeting all of your expectations.

If you find yourself in this position, researching a new partner can be a smart decision, as gathering additional information doesn’t require a commitment on your part. You may discover this other staffing vendor is in a better position to meet your needs, allowing you to forge a highly beneficial partnership that will enable you to move your business forward more effectively.

Every staffing vendor has something different to offer, so don’t be afraid to compare their offerings and shop around. In the end, you need to select a partner that is right for you based on where you are today, not where you were when you chose your current service provider.

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