When a customer needs help, they often contact the company’s call center for assistance. This makes call center representatives part of the public face of the business, and these organizations work hard to make sure the right people are answering those calls. If you want to become an awesome call center representative, you need to possess the right qualities and skills for the work. To help you achieve your goal, here are five ways to get started.

1. Make Learning a Priority

Call center representatives have to learn and retain a lot of information. Not only do they need to know the product or service inside and out, but they also have to understand the company’s philosophy and when to send customers up the chain.

The best call center representatives take an active role when it comes to learning everything they need to know, and are highly self motivated to gather as much information as possible and work to retain it.

2. Remain Engaged

It isn’t uncommon for call center representatives to answer the same questions, hear the same complaints, and offer the same advice multiple times a day on every shift. Over time, this can lead a person to become complacent or start making assumptions about what the customer needs, and that can spell trouble.

Truly skilled call center representatives know you have to treat every call with the same level of attentiveness, even if you think you know the answer from the beginning. Staying engaged and friendly ensures you thoroughly discuss the issue behind the call, consider everything that is said, and don’t resort to canned responses.  These things can make you stand out as an exceptional employee.

3. Focus on Organization

Call centers are typically fast-paced environments, and remaining organized is the key to being fast and effective on the job. It also helps reduce your error rate and ensures you don’t have a customer holding any longer than necessary as you find needed information or connect with other employees to solve a problem1. All of this can help demonstrate you are committed to doing an excellent job every time, and leaves a positive impression with the caller and your company.

4. Stay Calm in the Face of Adversity

Some would argue that being a call center representative is one of the most challenging positions a person could hold, especially when it comes to dealing with frustrated and angry customers. Often, people who contact a call center are experiencing a problem and may direct their feelings to whoever answers the phone.

Capable call center representatives are able to keep cool under pressure and know not to take what the customer is saying personally. They also recover quickly after dealing with an angry caller, making it easier for them to move on to the next customer without carrying any negativity with them.

Sometimes, the caller just needs to hear “I’m sorry this has happened, and I will do everything I can to make things right”.  When the call center rep does not apologize for an error or something that has gone wrong, it can lead to even more frustration with the person calling to complain.

5. Well-Rounded Communication Skills

At the core of every call center representative’s job is communication, but it isn’t just the ability to speak to others that makes a great agent. The best employees can also listen effectively, ensuring they gather all the needed information, and are able to process what is and isn’t being said quickly. Additionally, they know how to break down complex details into words and phrases that are simple for others to understand. regardless of their personal knowledge on the subject.

By developing the skills above, you are on your way to being an awesome call center representative. If you are looking for a new position, the team at Employ Partners can connect you with some of the top call centers in the area. Contact us today.


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