Most high-quality companies are going to have a talent strategy. This helps them identify key skills and competencies that they want to find in candidates to get the best results. In most cases, employers aren’t going to publicly advertise their priorities in their entirety, but that doesn’t mean you can’t discover what they are seeking during a job search. Here are a few ways you can decode the company’s strategy, so you can get ahead.

Clues in the Job Description

Some information about their talent strategy2 will be in the job description or vacancy announcement.  Typically, you’ll see references to all the hard skills and technical competencies they are searching for, as well as information about important soft skills, like the ability to work with a team or communicate with customers.

Since retention and development are also part of talent strategies, you may see information pertaining to these points as well. Some examples include notes about training opportunities or long-term goals associated with the position. Certain benefits designed to attract top talent may also be discussed, which can give you an indication of their priorities regarding the management of their workforce.

Phone Screenings

Many companies will share insights into their talent strategy during phone screenings, especially if they think you could be a top candidate for the position. Often, referencing professional development opportunities and similar activities are designed to entice applicants who may have what it takes to succeed, so they may mention these points to keep you interested in the position.

Depending on how in-depth the phone screening is, it may be appropriate to ask for additional information in these areas. If the meeting is brief, it might be wise to avoid requesting too many details, as it can come off as presumptuous at this early stage. However, if they touch on any points and you’re given the opportunity to ask questions, consider asking for more information about the offerings that interest you.


Once you sit down to a formal interview, ask for information about their talent strategy if it hasn’t yet been volunteered. This can be an ideal question for the end of the meeting where you are given the chance to ask questions of the hiring manager.

When they provide additional details, be prepared to provide examples as to how you can fit into this larger vision1. You may not have the chance to rehearse these in advance, so quick thinking may be required. However, many of these points speak to the company’s culture, so you can refer to your previous experiences in a similar workplace that may demonstrate how you can be an asset in this regard.

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