As great as your hiring process is, there’s always room for improvement. In a candidate-driven market, a long time-to-fill will come back to hurt your company. When you are continually meeting to make a decision on a candidate, they have already decided to go with another option.

If you are having problems with handling each part of the hiring process, there is a better method to the madness. Find out how you can secure the help you need by partnering with a staffing firm for some, or all of your hiring process.

Interviews and Background Checks

Because interviewing is the best way to assess a candidate’s potential, it’s important you conduct thorough interviews with qualified candidates. You’re able to assess a candidate’s communication skills, confidence level, social behavior, education level and more. You can also determine whether potential hires can think quickly, show good judgment and resolve problems efficiently.  (Remember not to delay the interview process or you could be losing your top choice to a competitor!)

Background checks are also an important part of your hiring process. It’s essential you know whether a top candidate has a criminal history. They may be unreliable, untrustworthy and not well suited to work for your organization. Unless the charges are minor, in the distant past or unrelated to job responsibilities, you may decide not to hire a worker with a criminal past. You’ll also want to check your potential hire’s driving record and credit history. If the job requires driving or handling money, a driving record showing multiple traffic violations or license suspensions, or a credit report listing much debt and many missed payments should be red flags.

Failure to complete background checks may result in being held liable for your employee’s actions while on the job. For example, say you hire someone for a truck driver position, they have an accident while working and are ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol. Because you didn’t check your employee’s driving record, which shows they received three DUIs in the past, you may be held liable for the accident.

Outsourcing Some or All of Your Hiring Process

When outsourcing any of your hiring process to a staffing agency, you maintain control over which parts are handled by your company. For example, because the job market continues improving and candidates have greater career choices, the interview process takes longer, costs more and poses greater challenges for recruiters and hiring managers. According to an estimate by the American Staffing Association1, hiring an employee takes 30-45 days and costs 7-20 percent of the position’s salary. This is because the longer a role remains open, the greater your lost productivity. Because top talent doesn’t want to remain on hold for weeks after an interview, chances are you’ll lose them if your hiring process takes too long.

Partnering with a staffing firm helps you save time and money by performing the parts of the hiring process you choose. The firm can prescreen and qualify candidates before sending them to your company for an interview, or they can conduct the interview for you.  The staffing agency provides you an enormous advantage in the time to hire aspect of the search. The recruiters may already have vetted candidates and have options ready to interview with your company as soon as they receive the job posting.

Now you aren’t taking the time to conduct the basic parts of the interview or even determining which five candidates you want to interview out of the stack of 100 resumes on your desk. When you can focus on the main parts of the job interview that you want to focus on, your success rate in hiring candidates will improve.

Partner With a Top Staffing Agency in Atlanta

Employ Partners offers background checks, skills assessment, job postings, drug tests and reference checks on an a la carte basis. You gain peace of mind knowing everything is being taken care of for you. Reach out to Employ Partners for help with your hiring process today!

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