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In today’s post, we will discuss the top skills that light industrial employers really look for. Many of the skills we will discuss today are considered “soft skills” that are less about the work and more about behavior.

Nevertheless, these are the types of skills that will help you succeed on the job, and the one’s managers look for when considering who to promote.

     Top Skill#1: Dependability

Dependability means showing up when you say you will and doing your job well. Managers hate absenteeism and turnover. You can avoid both by showing up on time, limiting sick days, and having the mindset of a long-term employee. Supervisors want to know that they can trust you to do the work that needs to be done even if they step away. Consistency in being dependable will create less stress on management and help you become a vital member of the team.

     Top Skill #2: Being a Team Player

As with most jobs, being able to work well with others is crucial. Practically this can look like being willing to take on extra work when it is needed or helping your fellow employees. This also means being open to the ideas of others. Be open to collaborating on projects. Be willing to learn how to leave set your ego aside and hear another person’s point of view. When you are concerned with the health of the team and your fellow co-workers you can begin to build rapport. Show that you care and value the insight and experience that others bring to the table. Team players are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Learn to have empathy for others and the golden rule of, “do unto others as you would have them do to you” always applies.

     Top Skill #3: Communication

Finally, the last top skill light industrial employers really look for is communication. Light industrial jobs often involve communication. A product may need to be remade. Schedules can change at certain times of the year when things are busier. Work processes may shift. Openly communicating with your supervisors and coworkers will help things continue to run smoothly. Great communication is also a top skill in leadership. Everyone communicates differently. It’s important to learn how to work well and communicate with different personality types. Spend time getting to know your team and learning to meet them on their level.

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