Making the decision to work with a staffing company often involves a lot of time and consideration on your part. After all, it is an investment, and you’re trusting another agency to find you suitable candidates. Determining which company is right for you can feel daunting, especially if you don’t know the warning signs of a bad recruiter. To help you make a smart selection for your business, here are five ways to identify a problem may lie ahead.

1. They Do All of the Talking (and None of the Listening)

To find you the right applicants for a position, the recruiter needs to have a thorough understanding of your company as well as the job, and they can’t get that if they do all of the talking2. While a skilled recruiter will ask you questions, they’re going to spend more time listening to you than anything else. Any recruiter that monopolizes the conversation and doesn’t give you a chance to provide input isn’t going to know what you need, and likely won’t perform to your expectations.

2. They Constantly Refer Unqualified Candidates

Regardless of whether they seemed to listen to your needs initially, if they continually send you candidates who aren’t suitable for the position, it’s obvious there is a problem. While one or two referrals who aren’t quite right shouldn’t be cause for alarm, especially if the subsequent candidates improve in quality, a constant influx of unqualified job seekers may suggest the recruiter is just trying to fill the position quickly1 and isn’t thoroughly vetting applicants before sending them along.

3. They Aren’t Responsive

If you have a question or want to clarify your needs after receiving new information, you want your recruiter to be available. While having a call go to voicemail isn’t a warning sign, them not getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time is, especially if it happens repeatedly. Similarly, waiting days before getting an email reply is a sign the recruiter isn’t prioritizing your needs. A quick response is a sign of respect and that they value the relationship. A recruiter who fails in this basic area is probably not going to work out.

4. They Offer a Cookie-Cutter Solution

Every business is different, and an experienced recruiter recognizes that. With that in mind, they’ll likely offer you a customized staffing solution based on your needs and goals. A bad recruiter isn’t going to put forth that kind of effort, forcing you to consider options that are less than ideal or cookie cutter in nature. These boxed-in approaches might not offer you the flexibility you require or the personalized touch you deserve, so it’s best to steer clear of staffing firms that don’t provide a customizable approach.

5. They Pressure You Into Hiring a Candidate Who Isn’t the Right Fit

A quintessential bad sign is any recruiter who applies pressure regarding your hiring decision3. A skilled staffing firm understands you need to find the right fit for the job, so they won’t make you feel rushed or forced in regards to making a decision. Recruiters that apply unnecessary pressure are simply trying to fill openings quickly, even if that means you don’t get your ideal candidate, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Work With a Leader in Staffing in Atlanta

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