When applying for work through a staffing agency, it’s important you set yourself apart from all other candidates. Follow these guidelines for securing your next position.

Follow Directions

It’s important you follow directions when filling out the staffing firm’s application. This is your first test in determining whether you do exactly as you’re asked. Ensure all areas of the application are filled in neatly and completely. Each piece of information is important in your search process. It shows what you’re qualified to do and how you’re different from other candidates. Address any gaps in employment you may have so the recruiter understands why you weren’t working. For example, you may have left a job to care for a sick parent. Also, ensure your email address is professional. You can easily set up one for work purposes if needed. Remember to check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your application. This shows you pay attention to detail. Remember that failure to follow directions when applying for a job could result in not getting an interview, so thoroughly check over your work and ensure you’ve followed any directions given to you by the prospective employer.

Prepare for an Interview  

When interviewing with the staffing firm, prepare as you would for any job interview. Show up on time and dress professionally. Research the company to understand what they do. Let the recruiter know whether you’re seeking a temporary, seasonal, temporary-to-hire or direct hire role. Share your personal and professional reasons for securing a position. For example, you may want weekly income to cover your living expenses, entry into a new field or employment that offers long-term career opportunities. Discuss what your expertise is and what type of company you feel best is best suited for you. Be prepared to answer behavioral questions that invite you to discuss a time when you encountered a specific type of circumstance, such as missing a deadline, how you handled the situation and what the results were. Also, be prepared for situational questions that may ask you to discuss a work process so the recruiter can determine your technical or functional expertise. Remember to always be polite and respectful.  It’s important that you are concise in your answers while giving enough details to give the interviewer insight into your qualifications.

Communicate Clearly

Clear verbal, nonverbal and written communication is vital in your interview process. According to The Career Advisory Board’s 2014 Job Preparedness Indicator survey, there is a major gap in the level of written communication between what hiring managers want and what candidates at entry- and mid-level positions demonstrate. Therefore, it’s important you utilize every email, phone call and in-person discussion to showcase your excellent communication abilities. For example, ensure each email is formal, concise, grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Make sure you answer all questions and provide the information being requested. When answering questions, speak slowly and clearly in a complete and concise manner. Maintain eye contact and stay engaged in your discussion. Your communication skills factor into whether you secure a job or not.

Business Etiquette

As a general rule, there are basic things that will be expected of you as a candidate so it’s important that you are prepared. Be resourceful to determine the location of the interview and how long it may take you to get there. Plan for delays in traffic and plan to arrive a good 10-15 minutes early. Leave your cell phone in your vehicle along with the drink you got from the drive-thru on the way there. Use the restroom before leaving home so that you don’t immediately need to ask for one upon arrival for your interview. Make sure you have a crisp, clear copy of your resume. Remember, the way you present yourself and behave in an interview is what an employer will expect is the best they will ever see from you as an employee. If you show little effort or planning when you’re looking for work, imagine how they think you’ll behave when you actually get the job. Don’t be too casual in your demeanor, stay away from too much personal information/conversation and don’t forget to smile! Any employer wants to know that they will have a friendly person on their team.

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Follow these guidelines to ensure you stand out in the interview process. For assistance securing your next role, contact the staffing professionals at Employ Partners today!



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