Securing top talent for your company is a time-consuming process. Follow these guidelines for a clearer path to finding the best workers for your organization.

Determine Skills and Attributes Needed

To figure out which skills, qualities and attributes are needed for a position, look for commonalities among your most successful employees. For example, your best workers are reliable. You can depend on them to show up on time, efficiently complete their duties with minimal supervision, and show honesty and integrity at all times. Your top staff members are also responsible. They take the initiative, find solutions to problems, and learn from their mistakes. In addition, your best employees have a positive attitude. They’re flexible, enthusiastic and approachable. Your best employees likely have excellent communication skills as well. They excel at sharing their ideas for improving your company’s output and explaining how they’ll benefit your business.

Create or Update Job Descriptions

After determining the skills, qualities and attributes needed for success in a specific role, include them in your job description. Clarify exactly what’s expected from a qualified employee, including responsibilities and performance goals, and what you’re offering in terms of pay and benefits. You’ll be able to operate your company more efficiently by seeing how each worker contributes to your organization and how all roles work together in reaching business goals. Also, be sure to confirm that a prospective candidate meets the soft skills/requirements listed for that job description and not just the experience.

Because your job description affects everything from recruitment and training to performance evaluations and pay increases, it’s important you make the description as detailed as possible. Also, update your descriptions at least annually to help with performance reviews and setting new goals for the next review period. In addition, you need to update job descriptions when significant changes occur within your organization. If you happen to have an employment claim against you, having a current job description may benefit your case.

Recruit by Yourself or with a Staffing Agency

When partnering with a staffing agency, you greatly minimize your time to hire, which is incredibly important during this candidate-driven job market. Rather than spending hours posting job openings, reviewing resumes and interviewing less-qualified workers, the staffing agency sends you qualified, prescreened candidates for each open role.

A staffing agency already has vetted job candidates and can quickly provide talented options for your job opening. Instead of going through all of the information you are receiving from job seekers, the staffing agency has already done that for you while you are able to focus on your business.

The recruiters also can identify and attract passive job seekers easier. Consider the scenario where your ideal hire is at a competitor. Are you going to be able to contact them easily? Probably not, and that’s where the recruiter from a staffing agency provides a valuable benefit. The recruiter may also have a prior relationship with that candidate (or another passive candidate), which will increase your chances of hiring top talent.

In this economy where it’s difficult to find top talent, other companies who haven’t hired for a number of years may get passed by during their search. Conducting interviews like it’s 2009 will lead to poor results. At the end of the day, remember that good candidates are interviewing you. Good companies are showing how your culture, benefits and perks are the reason your job candidate should join your team. Explain to them why you’ve been working with the company for 18 years and get them excited about leaving their current job situation for an exciting new opportunity with you!

And you have to do it quickly! That’s how you’ll bring the top talent to your company. If not, you’ll lose your top targets to your competitor or another opportunity. Then, the domino effect of not bringing in top talent could be that your top internal employees leave for other jobs. That’s not a road you want to go down.

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We’re here to help. Follow these steps when finding top talent for your organization and contact the recruiting professionals at Employ Partners today!

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