Think about this situation. Your project has an internal need for a talented employee but you aren’t able to hire anyone.  Maybe your company has a hiring freeze, or the internal process to hire a new employee doesn’t mesh with the timeline you need to complete the project.

Taking it even further, you know exactly who you want to hire for this project since you’ve worked with them before or you already know about their skill set.

Before you have to get frustrated and give up on the project (or settle for a less-talented employee), consider payrolling through a staffing agency. The following benefits show why this could be the perfect option.

Transfer Liability

Some companies aren’t able to handle the liability that comes with a new employee. Whether it’s being the Employer of Record for the new employee or handling taxes and unemployment, the risk isn’t worth it for your company (at least at the moment).

That’s where a staffing agency that offers the payrolling option comes into play. Since they work in the staffing industry, they have internal processes to easily add a new employee to their payroll. They have the right process for handling all of the paperwork. Your company doesn’t have to handle W2s or anything with federal, state and local laws in relation to payroll taxes and legal compliance. The staffing firm will take care of workers’ compensation, maintaining payroll records and any administrative costs.

Get the Talent You Want… Quickly!

In today’s candidate-driven market, it can be hard to find the right talent that you want. However, you know who you want. It could be a former employee. It could be a past intern. It could be a consultant you previously worked with or a former contract worker.

However, you know that if you go through an interview process, something could go wrong and you don’t get the person you want. Maybe they reconsider joining your team or maybe someone else in your company blocks the hire. Minimize that time to fill by using the fast option of payrolling.

You can even bring your former colleagues back who are retired and receiving their pension because they can return as a payrolled employee through a staffing firm to help you get that project finished.

Find the Right Timeframe for You

Your company may just need some time to hire the employee you want. The hiring freeze will lift at the end of the month but you don’t want to wait until the first of the month to have that employee on your team.

A probationary period might be required with your company, and if you have to navigate that probationary period, the payrolling option could be the best of both worlds. Your company doesn’t have to go through the official Employer of Record process but you get started on a project that needs an infusion of talent.

Or maybe you aren’t 100 percent sure about the person you want to hire. The payrolling option provides a great opportunity to evaluate the cultural fit and their job performance before committing fully to bringing them on board with your company.

Payrolling costs LESS than when a staffing firm does all the recruiting and screening because you’re bringing the employee to them. You tell them what you want the pay rate to be for the employee. There is typically not a time commitment either which means that if that hiring freeze lifts, you can just convert them to your payroll right away.  Pretty darn convenient, huh?

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