If you’re new to working with a staffing agency, you probably don’t know exactly what to expect. Follow these guidelines for potentially greater success when working with a staffing firm to secure your next position.

Communicate Clearly

It’s important you communicate clearly with the staffing agency without taking up an unreasonable amount of time. After interviewing and testing with the agency, touch base with them once a week to see what results have developed. The best method for this contact is through email or online communication. If you don’t hear back from the recruiter, that isn’t a bad thing. They will be working on your behalf and considering you for each job that comes to their office. The recruiters are working behind the scenes to find the right job for you. The best way to stay on the top of their mind is to communicate with your availability and let them find you the right placement.

Be Honest  

Be honest about your skills, experience and professional goals. The staffing agency may better fit you with an appropriate position and save you time by not applying for something that doesn’t interest you. Also, remain open to the agency’s advice for you, since you may be better suited for a different position than one you’re expecting to fill.

Remain Understanding  

Understand the staffing agency is doing their best to find the right fit for you. Remember, the agency works for and gets paid by the client company. Therefore, the firm rarely has a say in whether you’re hired for a position. They simply provide qualified candidates for jobs and have little else to do with an organization’s hiring process.

Give Top Effort

Always give your best effort on every assignment. You’re showing potential employers your skills, work habits, ethics and other characteristics that help determine whether you’re hired by their organization. Even if your assignment doesn’t lead to permanent employment, you’re establishing a track record of behavior that future employers may use when deciding whether to bring you aboard permanently. This includes showing up on time, displaying a positive attitude and going the extra mile to accomplish your tasks. Also, take advantage of opportunities to learn new programs, applications, systems or technology, then add them to your resume.

If you work on an assignment that’s not the right fit for you, give specific reasons why. For example, the pace was too fast, or you had trouble remembering how to complete the tasks. Similarly, if the company doesn’t think you’re a match for the position, take the staffing firm’s feedback and use it to make yourself an even better worker on the next assignment.

By following these guidelines when working with a staffing agency, you’ll have increased potential for success. For help securing your next position, reach out to the professionals at Employ Partners today!



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